Why I am starting this blog?


I am a professional software engineer, thus coding is my job, but among this, software is also one of my major hobbies and each day I try to be better in it.

One has said: Creating software is easy, but doing it right is very hard.

Making something working using software is very easy. You just have to learn some basic concepts, pick some language and boom! You can create e.g. simple web server. You can even create large systems after few years of experience and practice! Oh boi! You can even create systems for many, many years and still do not know how to make it right.

What are those things which I should know?- you might ask. For start you should consider some basic questions, such as:

  • What about other developers - how to write code so others can easily contribute to our work?
  • What about changes which might be in the future - how write software, so additional feature would not require half a year to implement?

Of course I cannot call myself an expert in clean, efficent and maintable software, but I am deeply focused on those aspects, thus here I am going to share conepts, patterns and practices which are well understood by me. Here I will be also describe, and show on examples, all new things which I learn during my career.

Stay tuned!